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World Association of Travel Agencies (WATA)


A unique platform for high-end, tailor-made products

Founded in 1949 in Switzerland, WORLD ASSOCIATION OF TRAVEL AGENCIES is a non-profit organization.


WATA has positioned itself as a truly respected name in the travel industry and can claim to be the World Leading Network of Inbound Travel Agencies for FITs and

Groups on the Leisure segment of our industry.

The World Association of Travel Agencies (WATA) is a worldwide organization of selected inbound travel agencies dedicated to the

enhancement of the professionalism and profitability of member agents through mutual cooperation and global networking. Its members are

committed to the highest standards of business ethics and quality of service to clients.



Our field of expertise

Destinations & Special Interest

Travel agents in all parts of the world have realized that competition is growing keener and that they are increasingly being called upon to produce something new in the way of tour itineraries if they are to retain the interest of their clientele, and particularly if they are to open up desirable new sources of tourist traffic. That interest has manifested itself in an expanding demand for tours incorporating a specific themes and deep knowledge of the destination.
WATA’s new platform dedicated to Destinations & Special Interest Tours is designed to provide the inspiration upon which outbound travel agencies can depend on for their future trading .

Destinations tend to focus on marketing their main prominent products in order to appeal to larger groups of travelers. For capital cities or familiar places (like UNESCO sites, historical sites), this works perfectly.


This goes also according to some type of business : conferences, trade shows, beach resorts... A large city can position itself easily for MICE being the right place for large exhibitions & shows - like Milan and Fashion shows or for famous attractions like Munich with Oktoberfest or Rio with Carnival, Opera Season in Verona…

However to base promotion only on one aspect can only be a time-limited duration.

Our feeling is that clients will be appealed by the right destination promotion that includes a lot of possibilities for special interest travel. They will select a destination because of its overall offer and the possibility to include an added-value through the exciting experiences of themes that we will be in a position to propose.


This will obviously first refer to the main cultural and conventional attractions based on renowned cities, cultural - historical – architectural – geographical sites – traditions – etc. but surely this is not enough and this is where the local travel experts – long established into the destination – like WATA members are - will be in a position to adjoin more very specific products for the clients to find a supplementary personal satisfaction into the trip : (lace in Cyprus – how to create the famous azul in Portugal, cooking specific local cuisine, one bird living only in this part of the world, etc…).

This will also allow clients to go much further into the learning of the destination with a personal touch. They will be experiencing by themselves and be in direct contact with the local communities.

The Special Interest approach :

This refers to associating a trip to some concrete personal passions related to their hobby, their work, their spare time, their memories, their interest of the moment. No matter whether the subject or activity chosen is professional or occupational, the end product target is always the same – an opportunity to study at first hand the methods of other nationals in many other countries.

The list of such extended special interest passions is unlimited.



You will find exclusive WATA Inbound agents in :   Armenia  Austria  Brazil  Bulgaria  Burundi  Cambodia  Cameroon  China  Croatia  Czech Republic  Egypt  Estonia  France  Georgia  Germany  Great Britain  Greece  India  Iran  Ireland  Israel  Italy Kenya  Laos   Latvia  Lebanon  Lithuania   Madagascar  Madeira  Maldives  Mauritius  Mexico  Monaco  Mongolia  Morocco  Poland  Portugal  Reunion Island  Romania  Russia  Scotland  Slovakia
South Africa  Spain   Switzerland  Syria  Turkey  Turkmenistan  United Arab Emirates  United Kingdom  Uzbekistan  Vietnam





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World Association of Travel Agencies (WATA)

Tranchepied 25 1278 La Rippe


Tel: (+41-79) 2397279

Fax: (+41-22) 3620753



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