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World Tourism Directory: The Most Comprehensive

BECKUM, Germany,, the very first globally accessible online information portal which provides tourism related contacts and general information for literally every country and territory around the globe.

Visitors will appreciate the easy navigation tools to be able to find more than 130.000 addresses within 330 nations, countries and dependent territories.

Under every country listed there is a comprehensive index of over 100 categories including:

• Government and national tourism boards and their related agencies within the country and abroad.
• Regional tourism board associations and local tourism offices;
• Hotel chains, hotel reservation agencies and incoming tour operators;
• Airlines, railways, ferry services and motoring associations;
• National park service and key ecotourism associations;
• Tourism-related sports, mountaineering, winter sports, sailing, diving, tennis, golf, cycling, etc;
• Travel trade and travel consumer medias, foreign language medias
• Major business, trade and investment agencies, chambers of commerce;
• Cultural organisations
• Embassies and consulates and much much more... incorporates in-depths lists of all categories for each country – a service provided by no other directory, either digital or printed.

The ‘’embassies/consulates’’ section is a perfect example of the unique nature of as nowhere is so much detailed information, so readily available for tourism stakeholders.

The British publisher World of Information (WI), through their portal and Eturbonews, a tourism news service provides visitors with a constant updated country information and news service. successfully serves the tourism industry, media, governments and international organizations. The directory also offers a wealth of information to leisure and business travellers. Content of this portal is mostly based on updated information from the former three volumes, hard copy publication World Tourism Directory, published previously in association with the UN World Tourism Organization and the World Travel and Tourism Council. is a product of Editor Burkhard Herbote in Germany. Editorial assistance is provided by Denis Dionne in Canada, Technical Director is Geoff Fuller in France. There are over sixty contributors from around the world. “Travel and tourism is the world largest employer. The industry provides more than selling tickets. Beside of business interests, it is our intention to build bridges among countries, nations, cultures and religions. Not just the traveler himself serving as an ambassador of his country or culture, but this industry has the responsibility to highlight its services to contribute as a piece of mutual understanding among the cultures. The traveler himself and the international travel and tourism industry hand in hand as the world largest employer and most influential trade should contribute and understand themselves being the “Peace Industry.” Tourism is more than selling tickets, it’s the way forward!” stated by Burkhard Herbote, who is member of the Advisory Board of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism IIPT.

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