Our Philosophy:

WorldTourismDirectory.com is the most extensive travel and tourism industry directory worldwide with about 130.000 entries of 330 countries and territories. With an ever growing number of travel and tourism contacts, we offer the travel and tourism industry a trustworthy source of information. Our approach is to enable the travel industry to connect, engage and do business around the world by finding the most relevant partners in any countries, as well as supporting the growth of the industry and eventually generate travel jobs.

This is the main product of Burkhard Herbote, focusing travel industry professionals, media, researchers, goverments, educational and other institutions, libraries, business and pleasure travellers, tourists.

The editor and several multilingual assistants are permanentely busy with the updates following own research, comprehensive correspondence and provided by ministries of tourism, national tourist boards, embassies etc. worldwide. A product like WorldTourismDirectory.com permanentely is under construction, because of permanent updates, changes, new postal codes, telephone area codes, nationwide telephone numbering plans and so on.