Our Philosophy:

WorldTourismDirectory.com is the most extensive travel and tourism industry directory worldwide with about 130.000 entries of 330 countries and territories. With an ever growing number of travel and tourism contacts, we offer the travel and tourism industry a trustworthy source of information. Our approach is to enable the travel industry to connect, engage and do business around the world by finding the most relevant partners in any countries, as well as supporting the growth of the industry and eventually generate travel jobs.

Should you be a travel agent, a travel operator (tour operator, ground handler, hotelier, etc.), a tourism board or involved in travel academic studies, you can use worldtourismdirectory.com to find the correct contact details of an organisation you wish to trade with or get in contact with. Worldtourismdirectory is a travel website dedicated to offer relevant support to the travel industry. We aim at supporting any travel companies of any sizes to build and grow their business.

Besides business interests, it is our intention to build bridges among countries, nations, cultures and religions.

People who travel and learn about cultures are not afraid of the unknown. Not just the traveler himself serving as an ambassador of his country or culture, but this industry has the responsibility to highlight its services to contribute as a piece of mutual understanding among the cultures. The traveler himself and the international travel and tourism industry hand in hand as the world largest employer and most influential trade should contribute and understand themselves being the “Peace Industry.” Tourism is more than selling tickets, it’s the way forward!

Additional international and regional tourism organizations and associations that endorse WorldTourismDirectory.com are listed at www.worldtourismdirectory.com/endorsing-organisations.