"I initially learned of Burkhard in 1995, when he published the Second Edition of the 'Worldwide Travel Information Contact Book' with Gale Research Inc. in Detroit. Following the change of the title to "World Tourism Directory" one year later with his cooperation with the World Tourism Organization, I called him for the first time. That was the beginning of a long and successful story. On the interim, Burkhard has become our global 'networking achor'. I listen to his suggestions which, among otherthings, have brought us seven of the Founding Partners, five of the Founding Trustees and intercultural bridges.

I would even state he is undiscovered but a real leader serving one of the world's largest employers - the tourism industry, with his expertise and his Bible of Tourism which is the most comprehensive directory for the travel and tourism industry. The content of his World Tourism Directory is not only thorough but his attention to detail remains unmatched."