"I met Burkhard Herbote in 1989 while working at Gale Research Co. in Detroit, MI as Director of Business Directories. He was introduced to me as the German author of a proposed book, the Worldwide Travel Information Contact Book. This reference work was an idea Burkhard had developed and devised for publication in the US.

Being an immigrant from Germany myself, I welcomed him with pleasure. I could see that his idea and plan, as well as examples of page layouts, were well thought through and nicely executed. After some further discussions involving other Gale departments, it was agreed that a firm proposal would be presented to the Executive.

The project was approved after delivery format, size and design of database, time frame for database production, etc. were agreed upon by both sides. The first edition then appeared in December 1990, and the rest, of course, is history.

Working with B.H. was always a pleasure. He was meticulous in his work, always on time, and rarely needed any database assistance. Upon final approval, Gale provided printing, binding, marketing, and distribution within the US. Since that first directory, many more followed, were updated, expanded and eagerly consulted by travellers, travel and tourism organizations, even governmental agencies, worldwide."