"With pleasure I recall our press trip to Northern Ireland in 1986. Back in those days, I was quite thankful that you suggested me, the unknown Jürgen Deppe, to participate in that trip. I had just finished school and started my professional career and never thought your skills with people would extend it to me, takine me on my first press trip ever. It was quite an important stepp for me and an experience I didn't want to miss as it was helpful for my start in journalism and culture as well. Never I will forget the unbelievably helpful tramp in Belfast who spoke to us in not understandable Galic slang to find the way out of the roadblocks, the cows and the heavy sent of alcohol near the Bushmills Wiskey Distillery, "Mary McBride's" the smallest Pub of Ireland in Cushendan. Maybe we should repeat this experience sometime with a Guiness or fresh fish from Lough Erne?"