"At the beginning of the 90's I learned about Burkhard Herbote from the German Pacific Society and the German Society of the African States of Lusophone Languages. He is a successful and diligent collector of data who does so in order to compile the results into comprehensive reference books with focus on tourism and general information about all countries and dependencies around the world. He cooperates with major publishers with special focus on scientific reference publications. His directories are permanently updated. I, myself, am also proud to have helped him with personal research while I was traveling in Namibia, Mozambique, Angola and Timor Leste. His books and websites are of great utility for all sectors of the world economy, especialy of the tertiary sector. Nobody else understands how to refurbish such data in an excellent manner which is also presented interestingly so. I think he has earned an award in journalism of his diligence and great organizational and technical skills."