"I know Burkhard Herbote since the middle of 2011 and I can confirm that he, being both an editor and professional tourism consultant, has first-hand knowledge about the international travel and tourism industry that is absolutely wonderful! Much of it comes out of the fact that, without a doubt, he loves our planet and its people. His efforts are mainly geared toward developing the tourism industry to be a peace-creating tool. What makes him almost unique among many travel writers and tourism consultants is that he is well aware that tourism does not operate in a vacuum. He utilizes diplomacy in his consultation and builds bridges between sectors and individual companies from the private sector so that they would all work together for a common goal; that is to promote tourism in a country or a region within the country.

For me, Shahrzad, this means: If one live in a country with obstacles such as international embargos, Burkhard is a symbolic candle in the darkness. He took me by the hand and let me into the vast world of tourism. Through his professional advise and with the help of his international contacts, he connected me to the Global Travel Industry and he helped me integrate myself and my company in tourism and show the Iranian flag as being part of key developments in the private sector. He showed me and my company the way to the domestic and international marketplace, giving me good advice and direction along the way. It gave me the opportunity to offer something special. It allowed me to continue to be motivated, to grow without interruptions and to not fear the unknown in the world of tourism. I am where I am because Burkhard was a back-bone figure.

Finally, I must mention his brilliant sense of humor which opens doors over all cultural and political boundaries."