"Burkhard Herbote is a well known name in the world of tourism and he has extensive knowledge and contacts in the international tourism and travel industry.

I have know him only for one year but quickly noticed that he considers the tourism market as a whole and he acts as a great architect, builds bridges between destinations, branches, customers and suppliers. No doubt he can develop cross-border concepts that form the backbone for the world tourism market by his farsightedness. For the promotion of sustainable and responsible tourism development in my country, I wish to import his help and expertise to Nepal, too. The Himalayas have a big market for adventure tourism. I think Mr. Herbotes experiences can provide much inspiration for the development of our country.

We can be prould of his professional network and are grateful to find his work in our address book. I would like to suggest to the international team led by Burkhard Herbote to visit Nepal and for Burkhard to share his experiences with us. We can all learn from each other."