"It was a great pleasure to meet and know Burkhard Herbote in 1999, since returning from Italy and after working in Hiltrup at the missionary office. Burkhard Herbote requested some information regarding his two (2) aunts, who were Sr. Edelwina Stemich MSC and Sr. Esther Stemich MSC. Since working quite a few years with both sisters in Vunapope/New Britain, I was able to give him valuable information. Burkhard spent the afternoon with us in Hiltrup and I felt at that time he had great interest in our small world in PNG, and also in the international and global affairs. Always after very spending delightful afternoons with Burkhard, I was pleased as they proved fruitful and that provided me much joy. Since meeting in Hiltrup our bond remained. Now an 87 years old devout sister who met and found Burkhard a remarkable and lovable individual, I like all his attributes but especially appreciated his honesty and accountability manner as a person"