"I have known Sir Burkhard Herbote since early 2011. My view on him, independent and without prejudice:

Honesty, patience, graceful and hard working combined with selfless and absorbing pains is what I feel to describe Sir Burkhard, other than his blood full of contacts in this planet. I only pray for that one day when he meets the actual ultimate one for whom he is made. The world of tourism is his story and nobody can match him with the number of emails he sends in connection with tourism. Where he does the mistake is he respects everybody and loves all who comes in his way. Trust is what he creates with unending longevity of contacts once created.

I definitely can recommend him blindly for any projects he involves will be a same time selfless and professional helping and talented consultancy. Before I wind up the need for best consultancy services on world tourism, I think there is no other human on this planet to compete him in the knowledge of contacts and destinations and the speed in communicating."