"Burkhard Herbote is something of an international treasure and superlative in myriad ways. Having been blessed with a good number of years on this Planet Earth and having travelled and lived in much of it, I have experienced diverse fields of endeavour. Primarily in circles of education, aviation, the military and music, I have met many good people of conviction, substance, achievement and honour at all levels of society. (I have also dealt with many dastardly, dangerous and disturbed characters.)

This is all important to mention, as happily, one uplifting good soul in the first category is Burkhard Herbote of Germany, who in his individual way is helping to spread goodness and understanding, thus, in effect, simultaneously negating and uplifting the lower energy beings in the latter column. Outstanding amongst the people I have encountered on Life's journey, he is passionate and compassionate, a singular individual. Of any, he is selfless and caring, sharing information and tips, whether they are of business, travel, health or general interest and utility. He is excellent in bringing people together.

Whatever the issue, big or small, he immediately jumps wholeheartedly into anything that could help though it brings no tangible reward to him. He does not procrastinate and is always available. Invariably cheerful, a visionary and unmatched by any individual in the amount of information he brings up and shares, he appears a human dynamo. We need more people like him to make this world a better place.

Burkhard Herbote is devoid of humus, self-motivated and open-minded. We should support him in his impressive work, which not only provides voluminous travel information for travellers and businesses but promotes world peace. He does this on his own and with no staff."