Frequent contacts with key tourism organizations by nation/territory (incl. historical contacts, incl. former states) and with international tourism organizations and associations

Related contact details and websites of the following and other tourism organizations, associations, and companies you will find with

Additional - after 30 years of research and publishing - we had and have numerous contacts with several thousand of other government agencies (embassies, consulates, ministries of information, ministries of foreign affairs, chambers of commerce, chambers of tourism, tourism industry associations, tour operator associations, travel agency associations, related tourism industry media, airline companies, especially with tourism companies of the private sector), not to forget lot of former official contacts around the globe meanwhile changed into private contacts and some individuals even developed into valuable and trustful friendships…

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Albturist, Tirana (in the “old times”)

Ministry of Territorial Planning and Tourism, Tirana (formerly)

Ministria e Rregullimit te Territorit dhe Turizmit, Tirana (formerly)

Ministry of Trade and Tourism, Tirana (formerly)

Ministria e Tregtise dhe Turizmit, Tirana (formerly)

Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports, Tirana

Ministra e Turizmit, Kultures, Rinise dhe Sporteve, Tirana

Tourism Development Committee of Albania, Tirana (formerly)

Komiteti I Zhvillimet te Turizmit, Tirana (formerly)

Albania National Tourist Organization, Tirana (formerly)

Albania National Tourism Agency, Tirana



Departament de Turisme, Andorra la Vella

Sindicat d’Iniciativa des les Valls d’Andorra, Andorra la Vella



Ministry of Economic Development and Investments, State Tourism Committee, Yerevan

Ministry of Trade & Economic Development, Department of Tourism Development, Yerevan (formerly)

Armenian Tourism Development Foundation, Yerevan

Armenian Tourism Development Agency ATDA, Yerevan (formerly)

National Competitiviness Foundation of Armenia, Tourism Division, Yerevan (formerly)

Armenian Council of Tourism and Excursions, Yerevan (formerly)

Fund of Development of Tourism in Armenia, Yerevan



Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft, Familie und Jugend, Vienna

Ministry of Economic Affairs, Family and Youth, Vienna

Austria National Tourism Board, Vienna + abroad



Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Baku

Ministry of Youth, Sport and Tourism, Baku (formerly)

Azerbaijan Tourism Association, Baku



Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Minsk

Belarus National Agency for Tourism, Minsk



Minister Cultuur & Brusselse Aangelegenheden, Brussels

Ministère de l’Agrculture, de la Ruralité, de l’Environnement et du Tourisme de Wallonie, Namour

Ministère du Tourisme, Culture et Sports de Wallonie, Brussels (formerly)

Commissariat Général au Tourisme de Wallonie, Namour

Office de Promotion du Tourisme Wallonie-Bruxelles (OPT), Brussels

Toerisme Vlaanderen, Brussels

Belgium Tourist Boards abroad



Federal Ministry of Trade, Mostar

Federalno ministarstvo za trgovinu, Mostar

Ministry of Trade and Tourism of the Republic of Srpske, Banja Luka (formerly)

Ministarstvo za trgovinu I turizam Republike Srpske, Banja Luka (formerly)

Ministry of Tourism of Republic Srpska, Banja Luka

Zajednica za Odmor I Rekreaciju Radnika Bosnia I Hercegovina, Sarajevo (formerly)

Tourism Association of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sarajevo

National Tourist Organization of Republika Srpska, Banja Luka



Balkantourist, Sofia + abroad (in the “old times”)

Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism, Sofia

Ministry of Trade and Tourism, Sofia (formerly)

Bulgarian State Agency or Tourism, Sofia (formerly)

National Information and Advertising Center, Sofia (formerly)



Ministry of Tourism, Zagreb

Ministarstvo turizma, Zagreb

Hrvatska Turisticka Zajednica HTZ, Zagreb

Croatian National Tourism Office, Zagreb + abroad



Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Lefkosia (Nikosia)

Cyprus Tourism Organization / Lefkosia (Nikosia) + abroad


Cyprus, North:

go to North Cyprus


Czechoslovakia (formerly):

Ministry of Foreign Trade, Department of Tourism, Prague (in the “old times”)

Cedok – Travel & Hotel Corporation, Prague + abroad (in the “old times”)


Czech Republic:

Ministry of Trade & Tourism, Prague (formerly)

Ministry of Regional Development, Prague

Ministerstvo pro Mistni Rozvoj, Prague

Czech Tourism, Prage

Ceska Centrala Cestovniho Rucho, Prague



Ministry of Communications and Tourism, Copenhagen

Ministeriet for Kommunikation og Turisme, Copenhagen

Visit Denmark, Copenhagen

Danmarks Turistråd, Copenhagen (formerly)

Danish Tourist Board, Copenhagen (formerly)



Ministry of Economy, Department of Tourism, Tallinn

Estonian Tourist Board, Tallinn

Eesti Vabariigi Riiklik Turismiamet, Tallinn

Enterprise Estonia


Faroe Islands:

Visit Faroe Islands, Torshavn

Faroe Islands Tourist Board, Torshavn (formerly)

Ferdarad Föroya, Torshavn



Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Dept. of Tourism, Helsinki

Matkailun Edistämiskeskus, Helsinki

Finish Tourist Board / Visit Finland, Helsinki + abroad



Sécrétariat d’Etat au Tourisme, Paris

Direction du Tourisme, Paris

Maison de la France, Paris + abroad

ATOUT France (French National Tourist Board), Paris + abroad



Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Tbilisi

Ministry of Economic Development, Division of Tourism, Tbilisi (formerly)

Department of Tourism & Resorts of Georgia, Tbilisi (formerly)

Georgia National Tourism Authority, Tbilisi



German National Tourist Board, Frankfurt

Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus DZT, Frankfurt

Bundesverband der Deutschen Tourismuswirtschaft, Berlin

Deutscher Tourismus-Verband (DTV), Bonn/Berlin

+ State Tourist Boards


German Democratic Republic (formerly):

Reisebüro der DDR, Berlin

National Travel Agency of the GDR, Berlin

Jugendtourist Reisebüro, Berlin

Feriendienst des Freien Deutschen Gewerkschaftsbundes, Berlin

DETOURA Information & Werbung, Berlin

Ministerium für Handel und Tourismus, Berlin

Ministry of Trade and Tourism, Berlin



Gibraltar Tourist Board, Gibraltar



Ministry of Tourism, Athens

Ministry of Development, General Secretariat for Tourism, Athens (formerly)

Greek National Tourism Organization, Athens + abroad

Ellinikos Organismos Tourismou, Athens



Directorate for Tourism, Traffic, Trade and Communications, Nuuk

Takornariaqarnermut, Angallannermut, Niuernermut Attaveqaatinullu Pisortaqarfik, Nuuk

Visit Greenland, Nuuk + Copenhagen

Greenland Tourism, Nuuk + Copenhagen (formerly)

Greenland Tourism & Business Council, Nuuk + Copenhagen (formerly)

Nunatsinni Tokornariaqarnermi Inuussutissarsiornermilu Siunnersuisoqatigiit, Nuuk (formerly)

Greenland Travel, Copenhagen



Ibusz, Budapest + abroad (in the “old times”)

Ministry of Economy, Division of Tourism, Budapest

Kereskedelmi Miniszterium, Budapest

Hungarian Tourism Authority, Budapest

Hungarian National Tourist Office

Magyar Turizmus Rt., Idegenforgalmi Tajekoztato Küzpont, Budapest

Tourinform, Budapest



Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, Reykjavik

Promote Iceland, Reykjavik

Iceland Tourist Board, Reykjavik + abroad (formerly)

Ferdamalarad Islands, Reykjavik (formerly)

Iceland Tourist Information Center, Reykjavik

Upplysingamidstöd Ferdamala, Reykjavik



Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism, Dublin

Irish Tourist Board, Failte Ireland, Dublin + abroad

Tourism Ireland, Dublin + abroad

Irish Tourist Information Office, Dublin



Ministero de Turismo e Spettacolo, Rome (formerly)

Ministero per gli Affari Regionali, il Turismo e lo Sport, Rome (formerly)

ENIT Agenzia Nationale Italiano per il Turismo, Rome + abroad



Ministry of Trade and Industry, Department of Tourism and Hospitality, Prishtina

Ministria e Tregtise dhe Industrise, Departamentii Turizmit dhe Hotelerise, Prishtina

Kosovo Tourism Association KOTAS, Pristina



Ministry of Economics, Riga

Ekonomikas ministrija, Riga

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Riga (formerly)

Latvian Tourism Development Agency (LTDA), Riga

Turisma attistibas valsts agentura, Riga



Liechtenstein Marketing, Vaduz

Liechtenstein National Tourist Office, Vaduz (formerly)

Presse- und Informationsamt des Fürstentums Liechtenstein, Vaduz



Lithuanian State Department of Tourism, Vilnius



Ministère du Tourisme, Luxembourg

Luxembourg National Tourist Office, Luxembourg + abroad



Ministry of Economy, Tourism Affairs, Skopje

Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism APPTRM, Struga



Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Valetta

Malta Tourism Authority, Valetta + abroad



Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Chisinau

Department for Tourism Development, Chisinau (formerly)

Agency of Tourism / Agentia Turismului a Republicii Moldova, Chisinau (formerly)

National Tourism Agency of the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau (formerly)

Tourism Agency of the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau



Direction du Tourisme et des Congrès de la Principauté de Monaco, Monaco + abroad


Ministry of Tourism and Environment, Podgorica

National Tourist Organization of Montenegro, Podgorica

Turisticka organizacija Crne Gora, Podgorica



Ministry of Hotels & Tourism, Yangon (Rangon) (formerly)

Ministry of Hotels & Tourism, Directorate of Hotels and Tourism, Naypyitaw

Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board MTPB, Yangon

Myanmar Marketing Committee of MTPB, Yangon



Netherlands Bureau voor Toerisme & Congressen, The Hague + abroad

Toerisme en Recreatie Nederland, The Hague (formerly)

Netherlands Bureau voor Toerisme, The Hague (formerly)


North Cyprus (TRNC, international not recognized):

Ministry of Economy and Tourism, Lefkosa

KKTC Ekonomi ve Turizm, Lefkosa

Northern Cyprus Tourist Offices abroad



Innovation Norway, Oslo + abroad

Norwegian Tourist Board, Oslo (formerly)



Orbis, Warsaw (in the “old times”)

State Committee of Sports and Tourism. Warsaw (formerly)

Urzad Kultury Fezycznej i Turystyki, Warsaw (formerly)

Ministerstwo Gospodarki, Pracy I Polityki Spolecznej, Warsaw

Ministry of Economy & Labour, Dept of Tourism, Warsaw

Ministry of Transport, Warsaw (formerly)

Polish Organization of Tourism, Warsaw

Polska Organizacja Turystyczna, Warsaw



Ministério da Economia e do Emprego, Lisbon

Ministério de Turismo, Lisbon (formerly)

Ministério da Económia, Lisbon (formerly)

Secretario de Estado do Comércio e Turismo, Lisbon

Direcção Geral do Turismo, Lisbon

AICEP Investimentos, Comércio e Turismo de Portugal, Lisbon

ICEP Investimentos, Comércio e Turismo de Portugal, Lisbon (formerly)

Turismo de Portugal, Lisbon + abroad



Ministry of Tourism, Bucharest (formerly)

Ministerul Turismului, Bucharest (formerly)

Ministry of Commerce and Tourism, Bucharest (formerly)

Ministerul Comertului si Turismului, Bucharest (formerly)

Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Small Enterprises, Bucharest

Ministerul pentru Intreprinderi Mici si Mijlocii Comert, Turism si Profesii Liberale, Bucharest

Romanian Board of Tourism, Bucharest (formerly)

Romanian Tourism Promotion Office, Bucharest (formerly)

National Authority for Tourism, Bucharest

Autoritatea Nationala pentru Turism, Bucharest

Romanian National Tourist Offices abroad


Russian Federation:

Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Affairs, Moscow

Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Dept. of Tourism, Moscow (formerly)

State Committee of the Russian Federation for Sport and Tourism, Moscow (formerly)

Russian Federation Federal Agency for Tourism, Moscow

National Tourism Association, Moscow (out of service)

(refer also “Soviet Union / U.S.S.R.)


San Marino:

Segreteria die Stato per il Turismo, il Commercio e lo Sport, San Marino

Ufficio di Stato per il Turismo, San Marino



Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Services, Belgrade (formerly)

Ministarstvo Trgovine, Turizma I Usluga, Belgrade (formerly)

Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, Division of Tourism, Belgrade

Turisticki savez Srbije, Belgrade (formerly)

National Tourism Organization of Serbia TOS, Belgrade

Turisticka organizacija Srbije, Belgrade



Ministry of Economy, Bratislava (formerly)

Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Bratislava (formerly)

Ministry of Transport. Construction and Regional Development, Bratislava

Ministerstvo dopravy, vystavby a regionalneho rozvoja, Bratislava

Slovak Tourist Board, Banská Bystrica + Bratislava + abroad

Slovenská agentúra pre cestovného ruchu, Banská Bystrica + Bratislava + abroad



Ministry of Economy, Ljubljana

Ministrstvo za gospodarsko dejavnost, Lubljana

Slovenia National Tourist Board, Ljubljana (formerly)

Slovenija javna agencija, Ljubljana

Slovenia Tourist Board, Ljubljana + abroad


Soviet Union / U.S.S.R. (in the “old times”):

Intourist, Moscow + abroad (in the “old times”)

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Ministerio de Industria, Energia y Turismo, Madrid

Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio, Madrid (formerly)

Ministerio de Economia, Madrid (formerly)

Secretaria de Estado de Comercio y Turismo, Madrid (formerly)

Secretaria de Estado de Comercio, Turismo y de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa, Madrid (formerly)

Secretaria de Estado de Turismo, Madrid

TurEspaña – Instituto de Turismo de España, Madrid + abroad



Turistdelegationen, Stockholm

Swedish Tourist Authority, Stockholm

Visit Sweden, Stockholm + abroad

Sveriges Rese- och Turistäd AB, Stockholm (formerly)

Swedish Travel & Tourism Council, Stockholm (formerly)

Swedish Travel and Tourist Industry Federation, Stockholm

Rese- och Turistindustrin I Sverige, Stockholm

Svenska Rese- och Turistindustrins Samarbetsorganisation, Stockholm (formerly)



Schweiz Tourismus, Zürich + abroad

Tourism Switzerland, Zürich

Schweizerische Verkehrszentrale, Zürich (formerly)

Switherland Destination Marketing, Zürich (formerly)



Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ankara + abroad

Ministry of Tourism, Ankara (formerly)

Kültür ve Turizm Bakanligi, Ankara

Turizm Danisma Müdürlügü, Ankara

TÜRSAB Türkiye Seyehat Acentalari Birligi, Istanbul

Union of Turkish Travel Agencies, Istanbul



Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Kyiv

Ministry of Youth, Sport and Tourism, Kyiv (formerly)

State Tourism Administration of Ukraine, Kyiv

State Committee of Ukraine for Tourism, Kyiv (formerly)

National Tourist Office of Ukraine, Kyiv

State Service for Tourism and Resorts, Kyiv

Ukraine Travel Information System UTIS, Kyiv

Ukraine Cognita, Kyiv (formerly)



Pontificio Consiglio della Pastorale per I Migranti e gli Itineranti, Città del Vaticano

Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People, Vatican City

Pontifical Council for Tourism and Migration, Vatican City (formerly)

Ufficio Pellegrini e Turisti Governatorato, Città del Vaticano


Yugoslavia (formerly):

Federal Committee of Tourism, Belgrade (formerly)

General Association of Tourist Industry of Yugoslavia, Belgrade (formerly)

Turisticki Savez Jugoslavie, Belgrade

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