Frequent contacts with key tourism organizations by nation/territory (incl. historical contacts, incl. former states) and with international tourism organizations and associations

Related contact details and websites of the following and other tourism organizations, associations, and companies you will find with

Additional - after 30 years of research and publishing - we had and have numerous contacts with several thousand of other government agencies (embassies, consulates, ministries of information, ministries of foreign affairs, chambers of commerce, chambers of tourism, tourism industry associations, tour operator associations, travel agency associations, related tourism industry media, airline companies, especially with tourism companies of the private sector), not to forget lot of former official contacts around the globe meanwhile changed into private contacts and some individuals even developed into valuable and trustful friendships…

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Ministry of Economic Development and Investments, State Tourism Committee, Yerevan

Ministry of Trade & Economic Development, Department of Tourism Development, Yerevan (formerly)

Armenian Tourism Development Foundation, Yerevan

Armenian Tourism Development Agency ATDA, Yerevan (formerly)

National Competitiviness Foundation of Armenia, Tourism Division, Yerevan (formerly)

Armenian Council of Tourism and Excursions, Yerevan (formerly)

Fund of Development of Tourism in Armenia, Yerevan



Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Baku

Ministry of Youth, Sport and Tourism, Baku (formerly)

Azerbaijan Tourism Association, Baku



Ministry of Culture, Tourism Affairs, Manama




Ministry of Tourism, Cairo

Egypt Tourism Authority (ETA), Cairo

Egypt National Tourism Offices, abroad

Egypt Tourism Federation (ETF), Cairo



Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Tbilisi

Ministry of Economic Development, Division of Tourism, Tbilisi (formerly)

Department of Tourism & Resorts of Georgia, Tbilisi (formerly)

Georgia National Tourism Authority, Tbilisi



Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Baghdad

Tourism Board of Iraq, Baghdad



Ministry of Tourism, Jerusalem

Government of Israel Tourist Office, Jerusalem + abroad



Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Amman

Jordan Tourism Board, Amman + abroad



Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Tourism Sector, Kuwait-City

Kuwait Tourism Services Company (KTSC), Kuwait-City

Touristic Enterprises Company of Kuwait, Kuwait-City



Ministry of Tourism, Beirut + abroad



Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Directorate General of Tourism, Muscat (formerly)

Ministry of Tourism, Muscat + abroad


Palestinian Territories:

Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities, Bethlehem + Gaza



Qatar Tourism Authority, Doha

Tourism & Antiquities Department, Doha (formerly)


Saudi Arabia:

Saudi General Commission for Tourism & Antiquities, Riyadh

Ministry of Pilgrimage, Riyadh


South Yemen:

go to Yemen, Socialist Democratic Republic

go to Yemen



Ministry of Tourism, Damascus



Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ankara + abroad

Ministry of Tourism, Ankara (formerly)

Kültür ve Turizm Bakanligi, Ankara

Turizm Danisma Müdürlügü, Ankara

TÜRSAB Türkiye Seyehat Acentalari Birligi, Istanbul

Union of Turkish Travel Agencies, Istanbul



The State Committee for Tourism and Sport, Ashkhabad

Turkmensyakhat State Tourism Corporation, Ashkhabad (formerly)


United Arab Emirates:

National Council for Tourism and Antiquities, Abu Dhabi

Department of Tourism and Culture, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, Abu Dhabi (formerly)

Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA), Abu Dhabi (formerly)

Ajman Ministry of Information, Ajman

Ajman Tourism Development Department, Ajman

Dubai Corporation of Tourism and Commerce Marketing DTCM, Dubai + abroad

Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Dubai + abroad (formerly)

Fujairah Tourism Bureau, Fujairah (formerly)

Fujairah Authority for Tourism and Antiquities, Fujairah

Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority, Ras Al Khaimah

Ras-Al-Khaimah Tourism Investment & Development Authority, Ras-Al-Khaimah (formerly)

Sharjah Commerce & Tourism Development Authority, Sharjah

Umm-Al-Qaiwain Department of Planning and Area Development, Umm-Al-Qaiwain



Ministry of Tourism, Sana’a

Yemen Tourism Promotion Board (YTPB), Sana’a

The General Tourism Development Authority of the Republic of Yemen, Sana’a


Yemen, Socialist Democratic Republic (formerly):

Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Aden

Public Corporation for Tourism, Aden

Ministry of National Guidance and Information, Aden


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