Open Africa is registered not for gain organisation under the patronage of Nelson Mandela and headed up by Founder, Noel de Villiers. It was established in 1995 with the aim of optimising the synergies between tourism, job creation and conservation - this resulted in the concept of Afrikatourism and the development of the African Dream Project, the enabling system behind this site, and Team Africa.

Africatourism is grounded on the twin principles of sustainability and community participation. It is tourism based on Africa's strengths and designed to meet Africa's need. In the process, it reveals to the visitor the many treasures and experiences that this continent has to offer. Thus the world Afrikatourism is a branding for the features and characteristics of Africa, for what can only be experienced here, in the land that is the birthplace of humanity and the custodian of most of world's animal and plant species. The integration of GIS technology with the Internet, which the African Dream Project has accomplished on this site, is a breakthrough in systemising the development and marketing of tourism. Organising and co-ordinating facilities for visitors is made easier as is the planning of itineraries by those intending a visit. Furthermore, there is no paid-for advertising on the site, so what you see is what you get - all listings are only those of genuine project participants.

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