We strive daily for 100% accuracy, but of course it is not humanly possible. There are around 130.000 entries in the World Tourism Directory spanning the globe with spanning the globe with address, telephone, e-mail, or web site changes occurring hourly. It is an endless endeavor relying heavily on the contact person of the respective organizations listed. Please send updates or corrections for your entry directly to the Editor.

World Tourism Directory users or third parties are welcome to send updates and corrections they discover. This is most helpful. However until we verify the information, we cannot guarantee all information suggested by these parties will be published.

To suggest a new entry, please send us the full contact details of your organization, and a brief profile (or promotional brochure) so that we can verify and properly categorize your entry. With our apologies, we must ignore requests like "Please add our address, all info is available with our website." We ask you to send us the proper entry information and your contact by email, fax, or mail.

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