We are busy with the updates permanent, but cannot work within the chapters of all countries and categories every day. Partly our research and the editorial updates for the WorldTourismDirectory.com overlaps with our second publication, the Directory of German-International Relations Laenderkontakte.de. In the past the hard copy publications have been published in a rhythm of 2-3 years, not annual. We are in more or less permanent contact with lot of national tourism authorities, travel trade associations, travel media, embassies and consulates and we work through approx. 500-600 kilos of publications per year, beside of endless print outs and our regular participation at international tourism exhibitions. Some of our contacts with national tourism authorities etc. inform us about news, updates, new entries, developments and often assist us with very detailed lists of corrections to enable us to update the data of the relevant country.  Although we try to work as accurate as possible we do hope for your understanding we cannot guarantee for the correctness of any single entry. Sometimes it is just a question of time.